Tax Rate, Circular & Direction

SN File Name Download
1 Regarding the new criteria for meter connected taxi.Download
2Regardign load bearing capacity checks.Download
3Important information regarding the operation of public transport.Download
4Ministry Letter on Passenger Aid and Vehicle MonitoringDownload
5 Regarding passenger's help desk and vehicle monitoring.Download
6 Regarding vehicle monitoring.Download
7Regarding Decision.Download
8 Regarding public vehicle registration.Download
9Regarding providing the details of the registered vehicles.Download
10 Regarding auction vehicle registration.Download
11 Regarding monitoring and taking action.Download
12Regarding renewing route license.Download
13 Regarding the implementation of the decisions of Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.Download
14Regarding Road Construction Fees for fiscal year 2076/77.Download
15Regarding Circular.Download
16Provide Registered Vehicles till date.Download
17Honorable Prime Minister and Ministers Directions Download
18Regarding the maintenance of the vehicle.Download
19Circular regarding Road Permit.Download
20 Regarding the modification of the directory.Download
21 Regarding traffic management decision.Download
22Regarding Nepalikaran.Download
23Regarding Fast Smartcard PrintDownload
24 Regarding the renewal of training center and workshop.Download
25Regarding Verification of Download
26 Regarding Renewal of Route Permit.Download
27 Regarding Management of Vehicle Registration Certificate (BlueBook) and E-Bill.Download
28Regarding Fast Printing Download
29Regarding Smart Card License Print ManagementDownload
30Offices DetailsDownload
31Handover of OfficesDownload
32Requirement of Staff DetailsDownload
33Regarding Registered Number of Vehicles Download
34Honorable Prime Minister DirectionDownload
35Regarding providing details of the vehicles registered or institutions.Download
36Regarding Rights ProvidedDownload
37Attend EDLVRS Training Download
38EDLVRS and VRS Data RecordDownload
39License Distribution Management CircularDownload
40Temporally Service Interruption on 20 Years Old Taxi ExchangeDownload
41Office Codes and Vehicles Data Registration Notice.Download
42Vehicles Number Plate implementation after published in Gazette for Head of State,Chairman of the State Assembly and Vice-President and Members of the State Council of MinistersDownload
43Fare Rate for Other RoutesDownload
44Fare Rate for Super Deluxe and Deluxe VehicleDownload
45Gosthi Cancelled CircularDownload
46Building Aachar Sanghita Download
47Ramana CircularDownload
48To Attend the Seminar Download
49Direction for staying on Leave and Travel Leave Download
50Provide all Staffs details to DoTMDownload
51Helpdesk Management for Dashain, Tihar and Chaath FestivalDownload
52Banners to be used during Constitutional Day.Download
53Management of Temporary & Contract Based Human ResourcesDownload
54Regarding Mixture Tractor Download
55Nepalgunj H,I,J (Heavy Equipment) Trial Exam CircularDownload
56Regarding Constitutional DayDownload
57Data to be providedDownload
58Revenue Amount Collected from Vehicles on Custody Download
59For the submission of Check List Download
60Registration More Number of Vehicles Service Providers Download
61Trial Exam Rules Circular 2075 ShrawanDownload
62Vehicles Registration NoticeDownload
63Circular for Vehicles with 32 Seat on Banepa-Sindhuli RoadDownload
64Road Construction Fees 2075/76Download
65Province 7 Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2075/76Download
66Province 6 Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2075/76Download
67Province 5 Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2075/76Download
68Province 4 Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2075/76Download
69Province 3 Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2075/76 Download
70Province 2 Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2075/76 Download
71Province 1 Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2075/76 Download
72Forward Daily Process ReportDownload
73Pollution Checking Equipment Sent to all officesDownload
74Construction Equipment Registration FeeDownload
75To Attend the Training Download
76Route Changes CircularDownload
77Online Registration has been ClosedDownload
78Service Registration NoticeDownload
79Staffs selected for Training on 2075/02/25 & 26Download
80For attending conference meetingDownload
82Count of Manufacturing Date of VehiclesDownload
83Inspection of 20 years old Public and Tourist VehiclesDownload
84बीस बर्षे सवारी साधन अनुगमन तथा कारबाही सम्बन्धमा Download
85Detail of all Public Vehicles over 20 years RequiredDownload
86Information Officer NoticeDownload
87Online Registration Notice Download
88Notice Regarding Online Registration System Download
89नेपाल यातायात व्यवसायी राष्ट्रिय महासंघ निर्देशन सम्बन्धमा Download
90Vehicle Inspection NoticeDownload
91Vehicle Registration NoticeDownload
92Tax rate effective from 16 July 2017Download
93Route Permit NoticeDownload
94Category H,I & J Trial Test NoticeDownload
95Notice from Ministry for Heavy VehicleDownload
96Rights Transferred to Nepal Police.Download
97Staff Meeting Decision as on 2074/01/05Download
98Notice Regarding Restrict Horn Inside the ValleyDownload
99Vehicle Fitness Test & Inspection on VFTC, TekuDownload
100Trial Report Management NoticeDownload
101Amend Working Plans & Work AccordinglyDownload
1022073 B.S. CircularsDownload
103Department Action NoticeDownload
104Implementation on Decision of Election ComissionDownload
105Scrap Sale NoticeDownload
106Tax rate effective from 16 July 2016Download
107Tax rate of fiscal year 2073/74Download
108Tax rate of fiscal year 72-73Download
109Tax Rate of Fiscal Year 2071-72Download
110Vehicle Tax Rate 2070/71Download
111Vehicle Tax Rate 2069/70Download